Management of Utility Data

You have a capital plan, a strategic plan, a financial plan and so many more. What is your utility management plan? For example, what utility rate plans are you on? Are they the best rate plans for you? How much energy are you using? What amount of demand are you being charged each month? How can you manage energy to reduce costs?

Pierce Energy Planning (PEP) works with clients to create a utility management plan that answers these questions and creates a strategy for reducing energy costs.

Working with Pierce Energy Planning has been great. Here at Peoria USD we are working to try to improve efficiencies in a multi prong attack. We are upgrading equipment, we are reviewing plans, we are reviewing behaviors and we are reviewing expenses and Laurel Kruke and Pierce Energy Planning has been there with Peoria USD every step. I appreciate the feedback on what we are doing and how we can do better. Reducing our utility output has not been easy, but Laurel and her team make it easier. I appreciate all the support that I receive from them.
— Ken Hicks, Chief Financial Officer, Peoria Unified School District


  • Utility Bill Analysis 
  • Data Management and Reporting 
  • Building Tours and Program Design 
  • EMS Monitoring & Load Shifting 
  • Energy Education and Awareness