florence unified school district (FUSD)

Florence, Arizona


Program scope

In Fall 2009, FUSD hired Pierce Energy Planning (PEP) as their energy partner to design a comprehensive energy program with a goal of reducing energy costs and saving taxpayer dollars. Over the last 7+ years, the District has forged a strong partnership with PEP and over $1.7 million has been saved. Specific solutions provided include:

  • Design and implementation of a behavior management program
  • Load reduction program to reduce demand (KW)
  • Design, implementation, and ROI studies of the solar program at 7 campuses
  • Fusebox cloud-based software for energy and water management
  • Utility data management and reporting, including rate plan analysis
Pierce Energy Planning has been a valuable integrated partner of our district since 2009. I found their staff to have the highest qualifications and experience in all facets of energy conservation and management. Pierce Energy Planning has consistently achieved positive results from the various energy management programs they have recommended and implemented in our district. Through their efforts, our schools have committed to saving energy, educating each other and changing habits to support our district’s energy goals.
— Beverly Myers, Director of Finance and Business Services, Florence Unified School District

Facility specifics

FUSD is located in Florence, Arizona and the communities along or near Hunt Highway. The District operates three high schools, nine K-8 schools, and three support facilities including an administrative center. In total, FUSD has approximately 1.6 million square feet of building area.


customer benefits

PEP believes that an effective public private partnership embodies these key characteristics:

  1. Trust, respect and integrity
  2. Close, effective communication

FUSD reached out to Pierce Energy Planning after being approached by many vendors in the energy and solar industries to help in evaluating these proposals and in generating an understandable analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each. As a result of this effective public private partnership, FUSD has confidently been able to make decisions regarding energy-related purchases and officially document savings to taxpayers. 

Energy Savings

  1. Behavior management program - 22% reduction over initial 24 months of the program (3.2 million kWh and $352,000).
  2. Load reduction (KW) - Florence K-8 School reduced KW (May - October) from an average of over 400 to approximately 250 removing a $42,354 demand penalty.
  3. Solar program - supported FUSD in all aspects of implementing a successful solar program; from utility company incentives to negotiating SSA agreements with solar companies ranging from $0.045 - $0.065 per kWh locked in for 20 years with no escalators.
  4. Total energy savings over 7+ years of over 16 million kWh and $1.7 million.