Do you have visibility into your utility data? How do current energy/water usage and costs compare to previous years? Are your facilities using energy and water efficiently? What are you doing to engage and collaborate with stakeholders across the organization on energy conservation strategies? An effective utility management program can be challenging to implement, especially when the proper tools and teams aren’t in place.

Fusebox combines effective, user-friendly utility data analytics with a platform designed to nurture engagement and collaboration across organizations through the use of “green teams”. Access to data is important, but more important is having the ability to dissect the data and empower people to take action will create a utility management program that is sustainable.

With an interest in making Fusebox better, we asked for your feedback, we listened, and we made significant changes.  Fusebox 2.0 kept what you liked and changed what you did not by adding new tools to take the software to a whole new level!  Here is an exclusive look into some of the enhancements you will see coming soon:

Updated Dashboard

We completely redesigned our dashboard to provide a more engaging user experience through automatically displaying relevant utility data, minimizing the number of clicks, and adding visibility into green team activities.

Auto-Display Utility Data Applications

Your time is valuable and quick access to relevant utility data is a necessity. We have added utility data applications to the Dashboard that automatically displays relevant utility data and provides monthly and annual comparisons.

Dashboard Green Team Display (for Account Admins)

Do you want to keep tabs on locations with active Green Teams?  Do you want to know who is leading the teams and how many are participating?  The Green Team display on your Dashboard summarizes all of this for you.  Simply click on a location to view that Green Team’s page showing set energy actions and progress towards their energy goal.


How do you stay connected to all users across your organization? We have built a Newsfeed that allows all users to engage with one another by posting status updates and congratulating Green Teams on their success.

Carbon Footprint Display

Your organization has an impact on the environment. Our new Carbon Footprint Display automatically calculates the impact your conservation efforts are having on the environment using relatable metrics. This information can be shared within your community or use it as educational content.

Green Team tab

It is easier than ever for Green Teams to identify and complete energy actions, as well as engage with other green team members. Also, you can now earn Energy Badges when specific activities are completed. Collect them all and you will be well on your way to meeting your conservation goals!

These are some of the enhancements being deployed soon. Be on the lookout for additional Fusebox communications, which will provide further details on when you will be able to take advantage of all the new enhancements included in Fusebox 2.0.