Pierce Energy Planning's Proven Energy Leadership System


Inspiring Change

Energy conservation is a people-driven process where real savings come when energy users choose to change behaviors.  The Pierce Energy Planning (PEP) Team has created a proven energy leadership system for schools, governments, and businesses that inspires, educates and guides people to change habits and optimize real savings. 



Step #1 - Identify and Discover

  • Find and learn about your organization's energy problems, issues, and concerns.
  • Does your organization have the desire to improve?
  • Provide PEP with utility/energy related information, data and analytics to help build a strategy.

Your PEP Team will extensively investigate past utility/energy consumption, identify your utility/energy needs, and provide appropriate strategies.


Step #2 - Educate and Engage

  • Identify level of involvement for your unique culture; we can engage with everyone or a few key players.
  • Determine the support leadership will provide.
  • Consider the training stakeholders will need to take action.
  • Set attainable goals.

Your PEP Team will work to inspire, educate and guide appropriate stakeholders to lead, set goals, train and empower all energy users to change behaviors.


Step #3 - Track and Analyze

  • Establish metrics to track, measure, and communicate to leaders and stakeholders.
  • Implement strategies that will inspire continued action.

Your PEP Team will monitor utility/energy data using Fusebox®, a proprietary utility management software, recommend energy savings strategies, guide leaders as they implement, and track progress.


Step #4 - Celebrate and Reward

  • Acknowledge and highlight success to encourage future participation.
  • Reward energy users when goals are achieved and/or exceeded.

Your PEP Team will work with you to identify the most impactful methods to recognize and reward the success of your leaders and stakeholders' accomplishments.


Reducing our utility output has been challenging, but the Pierce Energy Planning Team has simplified the process. They have provided us with valuable feedback on what we are doing and how we can do it better. We appreciate all the support that we have received from them.
— Ken Hicks, Chief Financial Officer, Peoria Unified School District


Pierce Energy Planning's Proven Guarantee

Our Proven Energy Leadership System works when the PEP Team and Your Team collaborate and implement recommended strategies together.  As a result, Pierce Energy Planning guarantees that your utility/energy cost savings will meet or exceed our fee for services or we will write you a check for the difference.