Powerful Cloud-Based Energy Management Tool


Fusebox™ Energy Management Software is a cloud-based comprehensive energy-management tool that supports organizations in energy planning, data management, and engagement of staff and stakeholders. Authorized users can access the software 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. Pierce Energy Planning (PEP) uses Fusebox in the delivery of energy services to its clients.


  1. Energy Planning. Fusebox assists with writing an energy plan, complete with an energy vision, policy, goals, and standards for building operations. PEP’s sustainability managers train and support staff in using the software.
  2. Data Management. Electric, gas and water data can be tracked in Fusebox. Two types of data can be captured depending upon the utility company: (1) utility bill data can be copied into spreadsheets and uploaded into Fusebox; (2) Fusebox has the ability to stream 15 minute interval energy data directly from local utility companies 24/7 so that you can manage behavior and trouble shoot equipment anomalies. 
  3. Social Engagement. Behavior change is all about awareness and engagement. Fusebox provides an opportunity for each building to create their own dashboard, goals, energy action plan, competitions, and the ability to share and compare their information with other buildings. 
  4. Consultant Services. Each Fusebox license comes with a specified amount of consulting time from one of our experienced and trained sustainability managers, helping you develop a truly sustainable long-term behavior change program with support from experts as part of the package.